Vibrant Mama Supermilk

10 day online group program

april 27 – may 6 2015
A unique program that will intensely nourish both you and your baby and will naturally boost your energy, your mood ánd your milk.

Are you a breastfeeding mom and do you:

  • feel like you never really wake up well-rested, even if you do sleep enough?
  • feel overwhelmed by the demands of daily life?
  • suffer from constipation, bloating or other digestive complaints?
  • recurring yeast infections?
  • suffer from impaired vision, snow- or night-blindness?
  • need bread, sugar or coffee to get you through the day?
  • want to know more about truly healthy food and holistic lifestyle for you and your family?
  • want to belong and share your experiences and questions in a group of likeminded mamas?

Have you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the above? Then this program might be just what you need.

10 days of time and undivided attention for yourself and your body, get energized, inspired ánd make supermilk. And all of that together with a group of inspiring likeminded mamas like you. You will receive a wealth of information about a truly healthy and nourishing diet for yourself and your little one, and you will give yourself ánd your family the most wonderful gift.

Breastfeeding is an intense time that demands a lot from your body. But what exactly does it demand?

In the first place, breastfeeding demands energy. From you. That in itself is quite a job, but the expectations society has from modern moms make energy very scarce. Off course, as a mother of young children, you are not always bursting with energy. Waking up in the night and being alert and available all the time is just hard work. But life with young children is also a very special and intense time that is to be enjoyed mucho. Do you feel like you’re never really well-rested? Even after a good night’s sleep? Diet can make a huge difference. For you, but also for your little one.

Because besides energy, breastfeeding demands nutrients. Not just nutrients, but a lot. Like, a LOT. Vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, fats, protein, you name it. Nutrients your baby needs to develop his brain, nervous system, bones and teeth for example. Our modern western diet (yes, even that of the relatively healthy people amongst us) often leads to huge deficiencies in exactly those nutrients. And what you don’t have, you cannot pass on to your baby. When possible, your body will draw these nutrients from your own body, and your already meager stock is further depleted.

How to turn this around you will learn during the Vibrant Mama Supermilk. You will get tools and be inspired to a diet that is truly and deeply nourishing, so you will gain energy, gain joy and… make supermilk!

In this program you will get:

  • 10 day diet plan
  • Nourishing recipes full of superfoods for growing little bodies and breastfeeding mamas
  • Boodschappenlijst en tips
  • Daily affirmations to nourish your body and mind and support your journey as a mom
  • Information about diet and holistic health that will be of great use for the rest of your life
  • Contact with other vibrant supermilkmamas in our closed facebook group, where you can share experiences and thoughts, experience a feeling of belonging and group support and meet other inspiring women like you
  • Unlimited email support during the entire program
  • A personal ‘jumpstart-your-road-to-vibrant-health’ session with me
  • My full support and effort to help you make this experience a life-changing one

All this above and more will be yours for the price of £ 129,-

and you can get it for even less.

  • Join before april 12, sunday night and pay only £ 109,-. You will save £ 20,-!
  • Inspire a friend to join and get 10% off (for both you and your friend!)
  • Both discounts can be combined! So, if you join us until sunday, april 12 ánd bring a friend, you will follow the Vibrant Mama Supermilk for £98,10!

Will you take up the challenge to really take care of you? To give your baby the best possible start with your own supermilk? You will be giving yourself ánd your family the most awesome gift. Not for 10 days, but for a life time.

Monday april 27, the adventure will begin. Are you ready?

Doe mee!