Vibrant Mama Detox!

april 27 – may 6, 2015

A unique 10-day program that will allow you to uncover your most vibrant self!

Do you:

  • Suffer from fatigue or have trouble concentrating?
  • Often feel lethargic or foggy?
  • Have skin troubles?
  • Feel overwhelmed by the demands of daily life?
  • Suffer from bloating, constipation or other digestive complaints?
  • Need sugar, carbs or cafeine to get you through the day?
  • Want to know more about truly healthy, holistic food and lifestyle?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the above, this program might just be what you need. It is designed to be a jumpstart in your transformation to vibrant health. In 10 days you’ll cleanse yourself of extra loads you carry both physically and mentally, as to leave you with more energy, a healthier body and an inspired mind.

Take care of you

For us moms, our family always comes first. That’s just what mothers do. And that is what makes motherhood the most challenging and at the same time thankful job on the planet. But to be the supermom that you are, you will need to take care of YOU first. Well, we know that. Right? And we tell eachother: “you need to take care of you first, before you can take care of others”. But who really does? Who really creates the time and space? In our busy lives, where time and attention always seem to be short? We motherpeople are naturally programmed to care, and to enjoy doing so. ‘Enjoy!’ Exactly that word. That’s what it’s about. Motherhood, womanhood, life… it’s all meant to enjoy! To the core of your being. And the more you experience joy, the more it will rub off on your family, too. And that will bring you more joy… a blissful upward spiral. To be able to fullly live and enjoy, you need to bring out the best in you. During this 10-day detox you will activate your body’s own natural cleansing mechanisms. Excess pounds and toxins you have built up, both physically and mentally, will be released and create space for you to grow. Space to flourish. Space for your most awesome, vibrant self.

Included in this program:

  • 10 day diet plan
  • Detox recipes
  • Shopping list and tips
  • Daily affirmations en assignments to help detox your body and mind
  • Information about diet and holistic health that will be yours to take advantage of for life
  • Contact with other Vibrant Mommy’s in our closed facebook group, where you can share experiences and thoughts, experience a feeling of belonging and group support and meet other inspiring women like you
  • Unlimited emailsupport during the entire program
  • One personal ‘jumpstart your road to vibrant health’-session
  • My personal attention and effort to help you make this experience a life-changing one

All this above and more will be yours for the price of £ 129,-

And you can get it for even less.

  • Join us before april 12, sunday night and pay only  £ 109,-. This will save you £ 20,-!
  • Inspire a friend to join and get 10% off
  • Both discounts may be combined! So, if you join until april 12 ánd bring a friend, you will follow the detox for £ 98,10!

Are you convinced yet? Will you accept the callenge to truly take care of YOU for 10 days with all your love and attention? You will be giving yourself the most awesome gift ever.

Monday april 27 the adventure will begin. Are you ready?