Coaching for behavioral of emotional problems

Diet and our brain

The last few years evidence is rising that the influence of diet on behavior is way greater then expected. Dutch research has concluded that most children with ADHD can experience huge improvements with a change in diet: more than half will no longer qualify for ADHD! (Pelsser, 2011)

Other disorders like ODD, autistic spectrum disorders and emotional problems seem to also have a profound link with diet. In most cases, there is an imbalanced intestinal flora combined with food sensitivities. The idea that our gut and our brain are strongly linked (the ‘gut-brain connection’) is gaining ground in the scientific community.

Children with these problems usually have a physical problem, but often receive many negative messages about who they are as a person. Negative messages that irrevocably influence their self-image and thereby shape the life they will create for themselves. A sad knowing, for it is unnecessary. In many cases, huge improvements can be made by getting to work with diet and gut health.


In my coaching practice I combine my view on diet and health with my ecucation and experience in developmental psychology to help you both on your way. First, it is needed to identify which foods trigger symptoms: it differs per person. An IgG-test like the Food Detective can be of help. Then, there are foods that generally have a negative or a healing effect on gut health. Together we will make a clear plan: we’ll determine what is doaable for your family, how to best implement the advice and how I can optimally support you in your process.

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