Marit VerwerMy name is Marit Verwer, holistic health coach and mother of 2. My passion: inspire and guide other women towards more energy, more health and more enjoyment for themselves and their families. Back to nature, back to our natural state of well-being and health.

During and after my study in developmental psychology I have worked in youth welfare for many years. As I became more and more conscious about food, health and parenting eventually the traditional approach in regular youth and childcare didn’t fit me anymore. I learned (and am still learning) how diet affects our health – both physically ánd mentally. I decided to change course and started an education program to become a holistic health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Since then, I have been joyfully inspiring and guiding women like me on their journey to true health, using my background in psychology as well as a broad knowledge of different health food theories and ancient and modern wisdom. But what I particularly enjoy is helping you dis-cover your own wisdom.

Working with parents of children with ADHD or behavioral problems is of special interest and importance to me. Because of my background and personal experience, but especially because there is so much more possible than is usually assumed. Read more about it in the ‘individual coaching’ section.

I developed various online programs with wich women, together with other women, take up an inspiring and challenging adventure towards more health and wel-being. Read more in the ‘group programs’ section. Whoever has attended a women’s circle knows the nurturing and healing powers of sharing within a group of women. That feeling of sisterhood is what I try to create in my programs, too. I want to offer women a special, nurturing and inspiring experience. With me as a coach, but also with a whole bunch of inspiring co-coaches.

Thankful to be able to inspire, for the wonderful encounters it brings me and for the inspiration I get in return… I hope to have the privilege of meeting you online or in my practice!