7 reasons to hug someone right now!

A short blog post this time, with a short (but wonderful :)) message: hugging is healthy! Well, everybody knows that. Or feels that. But then, for some, it is still quite a vague statement. Wich is why I want to share this with you: because there are also very clear physical reasons why it is extremely healthy. Under the influence of human touch, our body produces the hormone oxytocin. Also for example when making love: during an orgasm the brain is literally flooded with oxytocin. Beneath you will find 7 reasons to give someone a hug asap!

  1. Oxytocin enhances wellbeing
  2. Oxytocin is naturally anti-inflammatory and pain relieving
  3. Oxytocin speeds up the healing of wounds
  4. Oxytocin is good for heart health
  5. Oxytocin reduces stress
  6. Oxytocin makes you feel connected to those around you
  7. Oxytocin is produced by hugging, touching or lovemaking: but oxytocin also makes you WANT to hug and touch! It’s mother nature’s very own love potion. It brings the flow back in your sexual energy, and thereby your creative life energy. So, whenever you feel al little stuck or out of your flow: a hug a day keeps the doctor away!

Are you in need of a dose of this super-healthy-love-hormone? For optimal effects you should let your hug last for about 10 seconds or 2 deep breaths. Except for hugging or lovemaking: walking hand in hand, stroking, petting (it works with animals, too!) or giving or receiving a massage are all awesome ways to get your love potion flowing.

What’s your favorite oxytocin-booster? Let us know in the comments!

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